Card-carrying cyclist

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

I am so annoyed! Another ridiculous letter in the Sydney Morning Herald today. See it in context here I’ve also copied and pasted for you below.

Card-carrying cyclist

Registration of bicycles is impractical as a new one can be assembled in minutes from the components of others and you will soon find out the hard way if it is not roadworthy.
But, having spent three months caring for a person hurt by an unidentifiable cyclist, I believe cyclists must carry registration, identification and a green slip.
Everyone working on the roads is required to wear a high-visibility safety vest. Such a vest with an identifying number would also increase the cyclist’s safety. After all, riders in every major road race wear an identifier.
Philip Dunne Vaucluse
I am so sick of cyclist safety being the responsibility of cyclists only! I hate this idea that if a driver hits a cyclist it’s the cyclist’s fault for not being visible enough. No one blames pedestrians for not being visible enough when they are hit by cars, and cyclists are much more visible than pedestrians. Anyway I’ve written a response so we will have to wait and see if it’s published. What a start to what should be a lovely Saturday!

Love Coco xx