Very serious letter writing business

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

so my little rant in response to this letter was published in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. You can see it here but I’ve also copied and pasted for you below:

I am sorry to hear Philip Dunne (Letters, December 11-12) has been inconvenienced by caring for someone hurt by a cyclist. However passing the buck of cyclist safety onto cyclists only must stop. Calls for high-visibility vests are ridiculous. When I ride to the shops or to work I am not in a race. I don’t need a vest with an identifying number. I am happy to carry identification or register my bike, but I am not happy to absolve drivers of responsibility for their lack of attention.

I am taller when sitting on bike. I am also larger. No one blames pedestrians when they are hit by cars. More pedestrians than cyclists are killed by cars every year, yet there is no cry for mandatory helmets and fluoro vests for pedestrians. If you find it difficult to see cyclists I suggest you slow down, and perhaps get your eyes tested.
Alacoque Dash Ultimo

I do come off as rather grumpy but the idea that it’s my own fault if I get hit by cars because I’m not dressed up like a fluoro Christmas tree will do that to a girl. That and serious letter writing before my morning coffee.

Love Coco xx