Heavy traffic

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

I know you’re probably a bit sick of my Shanghai reminiscing but I did manage to find a video of riding in heavy traffic so I just have to share it. I even added my own voiceover (you lucky thing)! As before, credit must go to my lovely husband who had the foresight to shoot this video on his ride home one evening. This was the biggest intersection he had to ride through on the way home but it was in no way scary. You can tell the traffic is calm despite being busy. It just flows around the cyclists and the drivers are very aware of them. Have a good look at the cyclists too- all ages, normal clothes, no helmets. I love that lady’s squeaky bike! The plastic bags tied over the saddles are in case it rains, take off the bag and ta dah- your seat is still dry! The other great trick I learned over there was slinging the strap of my handbag over my handlebars so it couldn’t be grabbed out of my basket by unscrupulous characters on motorbikes (learnt that one the hard way).

And just incase you’re wondering why I returned to Sydney after living in a cycling haven like Shanghai here’s a photo of the weather today- beautiful!

I rode down to Pyrmont to have coffee with my sister at lunch, then I rode around to Pirrama Park and sat under a tree with a good book. That is what I love about riding a bike, so convenient!

Love Coco xx