Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

Sorry for not writing, I have been away in the lovely land of no phone reception or internet! It was bliss! Your holiday photos are so lovely I’ve decided to let my photos do the talking too. Unlike your epic travel adventure Warren and I spent Christmas and New Years at our family farm up in the Nambucca Valley region of New South Wales. Once we got there we pretty much stayed put.

There was no bike riding to be had as this is rural, hilly country and the closest town is roughly a half hours drive away. I would never make it alive on my Electra! That’s not to say my holiday was bike-free. My Christmas present from my Kris Kringle was a voucher for “Bicycle related awesomeness” at Cheeky Transport in Newtown. What made it even better was when my sister went to purchase the voucher and they asked who to make it out to, all she had to say was “Coco” and they knew exactly who I was. See, bike people are super dooper amazing! That sort of wonderful customer service is why I keep going back.

Anyway, on with the photos!

Coffee in Bellingen (how cute is the sugar bowl!)
Spotted in Macksville
We had hundreds of these little green friends visit us every night
We had a resident wallaby family living under the house and this little fellow still drank from its mother every now and then 

Tillie they spelled your name incorrectly!
Hilarious wallaby poses
Our Christmas tree on the verandah, and yes, we cut it down ourselves!
We named this joey Wally
New Years Eve
Pimm’s with a cucumber swizzle stick
Our version of fireworks
New Years Day was started by an early dip in the creek
Even I got in! It was freezing as the water had just come down the mountains!
My new favourite toy- a bean slicer! Thanks Waz!
My biggest bruise about one week after I fell down a waterfall
Giant Wood Moth
(It died after laying those eggs and I donated it to the Australian Museum)

Well there you go! Now it’s back to work and of course riding around good old Sydney town.

Love Coco xx