The New Newcastle

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

As you know, our darling friends Marley & Rod were recently married in Newcastle. Warren and I made the trip up for the wedding and were delighted with the Newcastle renewal currently in progress. Marcus Westbury (of Not Quite Art fame) has instigated a cultural takeover of sorts, by utilising the many vacant buildings in the Newcastle CBD for creative purposes. Details of the Renew Newcastle program can be found here, but it was a side effect of this process that had me sit up and take notice- namely bicycles.

They were everywhere! Creative people and bicycles seem to go hand in hand, and now that Newcastle has the greatest number of creative people per capita in Australia it really should be no surprise that cycling was in abundance. But I couldn’t help but do a double-take as we drove into town, ‘Was that a cyclist?’ then ‘Oh! There’s another one!’ soon ‘And another!’. They cruised along the main streets, there were baskets, shopping, children in tow, some were helmeted, some not. I didn’t see any cycleways as such, but the city seemed to accommodate them all the same. As we had the wedding of the year to attend (big call seeing as it was early January but I’m confident) I didn’t get any photos of these gorgeous cyclists in town, but the next morning over breakfast I was spoilt for choice as cyclists rolled past the cafe we chose for a delightful breakfast overlooking the working harbour. I took all these photos within about 2 minutes, excluding Harold’s amazing museum shop at the Newcastle Antique Centre.

Silo Café overlooking the harbour
Bike parking

Waz chatting with Harold in his authentic old store

Wish you could have been there with us!

Coco xx