For & Against

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

yesterday I was saddened (and bloody annoyed) to come across the following letter in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Protect children from cycle peril
If a schoolchild’s safety is paramount, what sense does it make to build a cycleway between the main dropoff point and the main entrance of a school?
Is it not a hazard to children carrying school bags, music and sporting equipment? Is it not a hazard to cyclists who must brake or swerve to avoid the children? Is it not, dare I say, an accident waiting to happen, with lawsuits to follow?
This is the perilous prospect facing the parents of St Andrews Cathedral School as City of Sydney council considers the Kent Street cycleway extension past the school entrance. I was one of 150 parents who met on Tuesday night to express our strong concerns to council officers.
I challenge the mayor and the council to call a public meeting to explain how this proposal makes sense in terms of our schoolchildren’s safety.
Anthony Cordato Drummoyne

Today I was pleased to see the following letters in response:

Cycleways are the least of the dangers
Anthony Cordato (Letters, February 24) fears the extension of the Kent Street cycleway will endanger St Andrews students because it will be between the school dropoff zone and the school gate. But the plan for the cycleway extension includes moving the dropoff zone to Bathurst Street.
Local and international experience shows that adding cycleways to city streets increases the safety of all road users. St Andrews is getting a safer street with a new piece of transport infrastructure right to its front door, all paid for by the council. What is there to complain about?
Colin Beck Rushcutters Bay

Anthony Cordato asks if it is sensible to build a cycleway where children are struggling with their school paraphernalia. It makes much more sense than allowing the maniacs in four-wheel-drives who constantly threaten the lives of these children while trying to ensure their own is not inconvenienced in any way.
Stephen Broderick Avalon

So Anthony Cordato, of Drummoyne, drives his child to St Andrews, in the middle of Sydney. Why? Of all destinations in Sydney, St Andrews is one of the best served by public transport. Young Cordato could catch one of the frequent buses down Victoria Road, or join the hundreds of cyclists who use this mostly offroad route. If Mr Cordato works in the city, he might find his own trip quicker using the new Inner West Busway.
Alister Sharp Hunters Hill

Ahhhh… cycleway support! Commonsense rules!

Love Coco xx