Magazine magic

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

I was sitting in the tea room at work the other day and I starting flicking through one of the many old magazines lying around and look at what I came across:

The gorgeous Ms Portman in all her bicycling glory! I love the black and white photography and the bike-as-symbol-of-freedom cliché (it’s only a cliché cause it’s true!).

When I returned home that evening I picked up my March edition of Real Living Magazine and opened to the very first page and…

more bikes! Now it may not be the most obvious bike in the world but it was there. Just a rear wheel poking out of the right hand corner, but if you look closely you will see another bike… right on the bedding they are advertising!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Yep. That’s definitely some major bike promotion there. But was this merely a coincidence? Two bikes in two magazines in one day? I decided to quickly flick through this magazine and see if the bike motif repeated itself. My efforts turned up the following:

That’s four bike moments in one magazine! The first is rather common in home magazines these days- a bike propped up casually in the background somewhere, alluding to the owners’ environmental consciousness and great design appreciation. The second is rather more interesting to me- bike as decoration. It serves no purpose other than aesthetic. Which is kinda funny considering how practical bicycles are! The third is rather lovely too. Although I have never seen anyone ride a penny-farthing in the flesh it’s nice to see they are not forgotten. These “Penny” pendants are made from stainless steel by Polli and can be found on their website here. There’s also Penny earrings and some other bike pendants too! You can wear your bike love on your chest, ahem, sleeve.

Anyway, darling Tillie, I hope you enjoyed my magazine studies. I really do think there’s a bit of a bike movement happening in the land of design at the moment. Lets hope it continues!

Love Coco xx