Tweed Run 2011 Outfit: a series of flukes

by tillieandcoco

Hi Coco!

As you know, I somehow fluked my way onto the Tweed Run 2011, which sold out in 5 minutes and left many people who couldn’t register despite logging on at midday, very upset.*

* The web person apparently opened the registration 5 minutes early in case the website crashed. Next year they’ll do a lottery to avoid the upset comments on their Facebook page. Fair enough so.

I am rider number 422. What a nice even number! I saw these gloves in Topshop before I went away to San Fran and thought “perfect for Tweed Run outfit, I should probably buy those right now!” But, having already spent most of my money on things for the holiday, I made my usual “I’ll definitely come back for those at some indeterminate time in the future” promise – only to discover of course that they were no longer current stock by the time I got back. On Thursday I went to Topshop to return a faulty umbrella (bought for the rain I knew to expect in San Francisco) and flukishly found the gloves on sale for half the price, which did make me glad after all for the inferior quality brolly.

Yesterday I collected my rider pack from Covent Garden, and was delighted to finally discover the route (which I can’t advertise before the fact, secret society style!) The Official Handbook says, “Now look here, proper attire is expected”; proper attire being “tweed suits, plus fours, bowties, cycling capes and jaunty flat caps”. I don’t own plus fours and can’t see myself finding any by next Saturday, so I’m going for a colour scheme of brown and dusky pink as compensation for my less than tweedtastic outfit. I should mention that I do have a choice of tweed jackets from a whim of taste a few years ago, but no doubt I’ll only be able to wear whichever one I decide on for 5 minutes before overheating. I went into Rokit yesterday looking for a scarf to suit said scheme, and fluked again with these trousers suitable for cycling that actually fit me! Awesome!

The only thing missing now is a suitable shirt. I think I’ve run out of flukes now, so I guess I’ll have to work at this one. Wish me luck for making it the whole 10.5 miles!

Tillie x