Richmond Park

by tillieandcoco

Hi Coco! Summer has struck.

I heard somewhere that the temperatures over Easter are a whole 10º above average for this time of year. It feels like Australian weather! Yesterday we cycled to Richmond Park through Wimbledon Common, which meant taking Blackie off-road, onto dusty, gravelly tracks. Thankfully I didn’t fall off, which would have been very un-dashing. We went through dense woodland that felt very Coleridge – all pretty, dappled light and cool shade – and then out into Putney Vale and the A3, where there was a wide footpath part reserved for bicycles. From there we crossed over to Richmond Park, which has a very different feel to the Common.

Richmond Park is very large. It has roads for traffic, but the speed limit is 20mph to accommodate cyclists and horses. The roads and relative lack of cars obviously makes the park an attractive place for hardcore lycra cyclists, who whizz past in the blink of an eye – zhoosh! I’m not sure if this is their version of leisure cycling or whether they’re all in training for something, but I was very much outnumbered, and frequently overtaken. All that off-road cycling gave me very dusty feet.

We found an ice cream truck and had a rest under a tree. A woodpecker could be heard, but sadly not seen. What a great sound it is! London was very hazy yesterday because of pollution, which just made everything feel even warmer. We’d left at 10am, and the heat of the day was very much at its height by 1pm. We caught the train home to avoid sunstroke, which took us on a scenic tour of southwest London. I’ve been cycling for quite a while now, but I’m still surprised by the distance you can cover on a bicycle.

Because it’s lovely and warm here, I think I can safely assume that it’s cooling off slightly in Sydney? I am looking forward to hearing about your cape!

Love Tillie