Happy Mothers Day!

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

I was so lucky on Sunday. My mother came to Sydney to have a picnic lunch with her adoring offspring. My sister and her husband picked her up from the train station and I rode down to the park. My rather hungover brother made it down a little later.

We had the most wonderful picnic lunch! My sister, Sophie, is THE best cook! She made a platter of gorgeous sandwiches- cucumber, salmon, chicken with pistachio, and egg. She even made a little plate of special sandwiches for little old gluten-intolerant me! There was sparkling wine and sparkling water for those of us driving/riding.

After sandwiches I presented my contribution to the fare- chocolate pavlova with raspberries! It was the first time I made a chocolate pavlova and I was pleased with how it turned out. It wasn’t perfect but it was delicious!

After our desert my sister borrowed my bike to ride to the café at the other end of the park for tea & coffees. When she returned she commented on how everyone looks at you when you ride my bike. It’s true, you do get a lot of stares on my bike. I think it’s because people are not used to upright bikes, the only kind of cycling people in Sydney know is the lycra clad sporty type. I like to think just being seen on an upright is educating people, challenging their perceptions.

Oh and the highlight of the day? My mother decided she was not to be left out of the bike riding fun so she hopped on my bike! It was her first ride in, oh, at least 30 years? She looks like a natural! And of course she loved it.

Go Mum!

Love Coco xx

PS. I rode the whole way there and back sans helmet. I kept it visible in my front basket but as I didn’t ride on the road at all (shared paths the whole way) I thought I’d get away with it. And I did. I even rode past two police women on the way home and they didn’t give me a second look. Maybe things are changing? Here’s hoping!