by Tillie

Hi Coco,

As you know, I have family in town for three generous weeks. Mum and I decided to go cycling today in Battersea Park – the best halfway point as it was easy for her to get to on the Tube, and easy for me to take my bike on the train two stops to Clapham Junction. I used to cycle around Battersea Park on my way to work before we moved, so I know the area well – and was delighted to find that Cycle Superhighway 8 has been installed along Battersea Park Road. The familiar path led me to Sloane Square station via my old route to work (now all dressed up in Cycle Superhighway blue) where we had hoped to collect a Boris Bike and then take a turn around the park.

Sadly, it was not to be. Just as I turned off the Superhighway I was suddenly caught in a tropical downpour, with no awnings or dense trees to shelter under anywhere in sight! I was soaked through in less than a minute, with rain dripping off the brim of my winter helmet (the only sensible part of my ensemble) and straight through my shoes. By the time I found Mum I was very much resembling a drowned rat. She bought me a nice hot cup of tea and a muffin and then we dodged further downpours on the Kings Road until I had to take a window of opportunity to dash back to Clapham Junction and back onto the train. It did start raining again but by that point I was too drenched to care. Now I’m at home wearing my biggest jumper, googling ponchos and waterproof seat covers.

Completely inappropriate shoes

Bell and rain

Albert Bridge and clouds