Bumpy Rides

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

My trips around Sydney are becoming more bumpy but it’s not due to the notoriously potholed roads, rather my own baby bump!

Baby belly along for the ride

It’s quite nice looking down and seeing my little passenger along for the ride. I can’t wait to meet him or her. Baby likes going for rides but not when I hit potholes, I usually get a swift kick in the guts if I’m unfortunate enough to roll into one. The photo above was taken on an unseasonably warm and sunny day last week and I jumped at the opportunity to throw on a sundress and ride to my ultrasound appointment. Disappointingly there is no bike parking at the hospital and the fence outside was already chockers with locked up bikes so I had to backtrack two blocks before I found a free pole on which to lock up my poor bike! Annoying but lovely to see bike culture is well and truly alive in the Inner West. Also while I was flipping through the magazines in the waiting room I spied this little gem. Great to see cycling getting some mainstream press that has nothing to do with cycleway or helmet debates!

Now I haven’t done much posting lately but it’s really not because I haven’t been doing anything, in fact I’ve been rather busy. I went along on the recent Sydney Cycle Chic ride in Surry Hills. We had a lovely lunch at Deus Cycleworks on Bourke Street, then rode down the fabulous separated cycleway to Mike Rubbo’s exhibition ‘Nothing but bikes’ at Tap Gallery. Mike has a great blog called Situp-cycle and is a vocal advocate of utility riding. The bikes took over the street outside the Gallery. (I think they need more bike parking in Sydney! Smart business should contact the council to install bike parking outside their front door. I know I regularly shop at certain stores and visit certain cafés because I know there is easy, safe and secure bike parking nearby.) There is a lovely video of the day by Paul Martin here.

Deus Cycleworks café full of bike loving folk

Bike art at Tap Gallery


Gallery visitors came largely by bike

It's not often you see one of these on the streets of Sydney!

I also attended an event for Australian Engineering Week titled ‘City Cycleways- Commuter Pain or Gain’ run by Engineers Australia. It consisted of a panel of four: Omar Khalifa from Bicycle NSW, Michael Veysey from the Roads and Traffic Authority, Fiona Campbell – delegate from the Lord Mayor’s Office and was meant to include representatives from the NRMA (car advocates) but they chickened out at the last minute and were replaced by a lovely cycling engineer who’s name I cannot remember. The talk focused on the urban transport issues with city congestion and health the focus, two areas where cycling can contribute a great benefit. It was, on the whole, a very positive forum. Proof that engineers are indeed a smart bunch!

Well that’s it for the moment Tillie. I shall write again soon!

Love Coco xx