Spencer Hill

by Tillie

Dear Coco,

Your quote about hills inspired me to post this little photo essay of a local hill, which is the main obstacle between our flat and a rather nice grocer in Wimbledon village. This morning we tackled Spencer Hill to get breakfast provisions. The hill doesn’t look terrible, but it gets very steep in one section before levelling out into a manageable climb. Alas, I always have to walk that section.

The sun came out after two days of rain, so it felt right to cycle to the shop. Our building is getting a makeover at the moment.

View from the bottom of the hill.

[No photos of actually tackling the hill, because it is always very un-dashing *struggle struggle, splutter splutter*]

The reward for climbing Spencer Hill is this rather nice telephone exchange, with bonus K6 telephone kiosks (I know they're K6s because I just read a pamplet about them!*)

*Recommended reading for street furniture nerds

Apples and vegetables. I waited outside the shop with the bikes because there was nowhere close by to park. Well, not close enough anyway.

Breakfast provisions. We wouldn't usually take an evil plastic bag of course ... oops.

The point of this story is that hills are no friends of cyclists (except for really hardcore ones), but they still shouldn’t be obstacles to breakfast.