Sydney Rides

by Alacoque

Dear Tillie,

Spring has sprung in Sydney and despite beautiful scenes such as this

I am spending most of my spare time here

In fact I’m lying in bed right now as I blog. Of course I have an excuse (see huge belly filled with wriggly baby) but I do feel rather naughty about the lack of exercise. Thankfully my commute by bike alleviates a lot of the guilt and this month I have even more riding to look forward to.

The City of Sydney is putting on the Sydney Rides Festival from the 8-16 October. The festival aims to celebrate the ‘bike riding renaissance’ with events, films, and art. They even put out this nifty program (and yes I took these photos while in bed)

There are so many great things happening I can’t cover them all in one post but I promise to bring you more details soon!

Love Coco xx