To market, to market!

by Alacoque

Dear Tillie,

I received some good news late this morning and decided to celebrate by surrendering to my cravings and heading to the fish markets for lunch. The ride down was surprisingly busy with traffic, I’m not sure why considering the time of day, but I took advantage of the empty park footpath when things got a little too hairy. (Isn’t it sad that our beautiful parks are empty in Spring school holidays yet the roads are full?)

My fish and chips were lovely and I enjoyed them despite the disapproving stares of other women (the constant intrusive opinions of others when you’re pregnant never ceases to amaze me, don’t worry I know which fish I can and can’t eat while pregnant!). The weather was quite warm today and the clouds and sun toyed with each other all morning. As soon as I finished lunch the sun won out making for a very pleasant ride to the Post Office and home again.

I thought I give you a photo update on the belly situation. It’s really out there now! I’m 31 weeks pregnant and though I still love riding I am definitely slowing down. Having said that I’m a hell of a lot faster on the bike than when I waddle anywhere!

Being Spring I should probably give the poor old bike a spring clean. Those flowers are looking a bit sad.

Love Coco xx