Another Errand

by Tillie

Hi Coco,

Corning has a second Post Office. It’s not pretty like the main one, but it has BICYCLE PARKING. And not just any bicycle parking:

HARDCORE bicycle parking! Look, it’s bolted into the ground and everything. On the way home from posting a parcel to my sister, a nice old man said hello to me. That never happens if you’re in a car, unless someone wants to road rage at you.

I didn’t take a photo of my outfit today because I’ve been wearing pretty much the same thing every time I cycle. This coat is brilliant! I bought in in Chester just before we left the UK, which I thought was appropriate as Chester is famous for it’s ‘black and white’ architecture. And my Topshop gloves from the Tweed Run are still going strong. When will they bring out a range of bicycle gloves? I wish someone would!

When I got home I realised I’d forgotten to bring the other half of my postal errand: the Netflix envelope. I was obviously more excited about the journey than the destination.