The Pedestrian Bridge

by Tillie

Hi Coco,

After a number of arduous rides, today I remembered to pump up my tyres before going cycling, and what a difference it made! I planned to just go to Wegman’s to pick up an eggplant, but once there I didn’t feel like going straight home, so I went on a detour via Corning’s lovely pedestrian bridge, where I was delighted to discover some more bicycle parking – complete with parked bikes! (I also met a fellow cyclist as I was leaving the supermarket, who had a rather nice fixie. He said “nice day for a ride!” and we had a chat about the fantastic lack of winter.)

The bridge is crumbling a tad, but I like that it’s still available to pedestrians and cyclists.

It also affords nice views across to the other bridge, which I call “The Green Bridge”, which unfortunately doesn’t look very green in this photo:

I also took advantage of this capacious footpath outside the Corning Museum of Glass, which I guess I’m allowed to cycle on? I haven’t figured out the rules with cycling on the pavement yet, but it appears to be acceptable – as it should be! I’ve only found one sign restricting it, which is on a very thin pavement near a retirement home, which seems reasonable.

As much as I enjoy the quiet streets, I also like to cycle on the main road because I like to give cycling some visibility. I’m yet to experience any sort of road rage – cars merely slow down and give me space. It’s lovely! And when I was stopped at an intersection today, a man with a long triangular beard smiled at me.