Baby on board

by Alacoque

Dear Tillie,

wondering where I’ve been of late? Well I’ve been rather busy with this little lady, allow me to introduce Miss Wilhelmina Rose!



Photos by Lucy Leonardi Photography 

I’ve been using four wheels rather than two lately and whilst pushing the pram can be lovely I’m aching to get on my bike. My dream is to purchase a Christiania cargo bike.


They’re brilliant- you can fit multiple kids and the shopping in the front. They even make adapters so you can attach your car capsule/pram seat for babies that are too small to sit up on their own! Of course one is out of my price range at the moment but I am saving my pennies! They can be purchased in Australia from psbikes in Melbourne.

In the meantime I’m going to purchase a baby seat for my Electra Amsterdam. I like the look of the Bobike mini+. It’s a front mounted seat (great for chatting to baby as you ride) and it attaches to the bike’s handlebars. This is important as my bike doesn’t have a cross bar which is what many front mounted baby seats need to be attached. It also comes in cream (same colour as my bike) with cool retro spots!

ImageOf course Willa will also need a helmet. Baby helmets aren’t that easy to come by, especially ones without hideous designs. Nutcase has a ‘Little Nutty’ range. I like this ‘Star Bright’ one 


but of course this ‘Modern Dots’ style would really compliment the Bobike seat!


This helmet by Limar appears to be lighter but I’m not a fan of their current designs. Too cheesy.


Of course I’ll have to go in store to check these products out in person. Ultimately it’s about what works for Willa and myself!

Hopefully we will be all decked out soon enough. I can’t wait to take my darling daughter for a ride along the foreshore!


Coco xox