Not just any Tuesday…

by Tillie

Hi Coco (and everyone!),

Today is my last day of leisure before 18 months of graduate school. The sun is out, so I went for a ride around town before stopping for groceries. I found this rather nice tree-lined pavement (a welcome change after cycling down a back street full of bins). I also found a car park I didn’t know about, but who cares.

The Pedestrian Bridge is being repaired at the moment. It obviously has some foundational problems.

One thing about having 8 months off / not being allowed to work, is that I’ve gotten into the nasty habit of shopping every day. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s a big waste of time and it makes me a lot less strategic about meals. S and I will need to get back into the habit of weekly grocery shops after today – it’s a great way to save time and money! As we are both well aware, cycling to the grocery shop is a great way to limit what you buy because you can only carry so much, but today I really pushed the boundaries of what my pannier and basket can handle. I need to make some hearty salads to take for lunch for the rest of the week, because I refuse to buy meals on campus (after years of £1.70 jacket potatoes at the Museum, I won’t be able to handle $14 dinners on principle). When my basket is full of fruit and veg, I hang my lock over my handlebars, like people with fixies do!

After I make my hearty salad I plan to spend the rest of my afternoon watching Law & Order. Since January I’ve managed to watch the first six seasons (is that bad?) The episodes from the early 1990s are brilliant – no one has a mobile phone, and the detectives actually look like real policemen, unlike the latest episodes in which they all look like models. I’ll miss you, crime drama!