Spring cleaning

by Alacoque

Hi Tillie & folks,

this morning while I was sitting in the backyard after our morning walk, and Willa was rolling around enjoying her nappy-free time, I looked around and realised spring has sprung early. Even my water lily is breaking the surface in our fountain.



Of course course spring means spring cleaning and I thought it was high time I pulled my bike out in preparation for her new baby seat. Camilla, my lovely bicycle, was dirty. Really dirty. She was covered in grime and cobwebs. In fact she’d become a real spider hotel.




Lets take a closer look at that spider shall we? I still can’t believe it was living in my fake flowers!



So I evicted the spiders and dusted the whole bike down before giving it a good old scrub and left it to dry in the sun. It’s already sparkling and ready for it’s first spring ride this weekend. Here’s a little bell before and after:


Coco  xx