Bike Breakfast 2012

by Alacoque

Dear Tillie,

sorry it’s  little late but I had to share this photo of Willa and Clover Moore at the Sydney Bike Breakfast in Hyde Park (from the Lord Mayor’s Instagram). We both left our helmets on to stave off the “did you really ride here” questions I encountered last year, an unfortunate result of not riding in lycra, and the plan worked perfectly. The city thoughtfully increased the number of coffee carts and I very much enjoyed my cappuccino, fruit scone, and banana. In fact Willa enjoyed the scone so much we had to go back for seconds (thanks Bakers Delight)! It seemed to me the numbers had increased from last year and there were more ‘plain clothed’ cyclists. It’s great to see more people on bikes and the types of bikes and riders diversifying.

Love Coco xx