Psychic Bike

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

So I was wandering the streets of Newtown today, on foot as I still haven’t fixed my flat, and I came across this lovely bike:

It belongs to Psychic Sarah, a tarot reader who works at Pure Botanicals in Newtown. I’ve seen the bike many times and have even had a couple of readings by Psychic Sarah (she’s awesome if you’re into that kind of thing btw) but I’d never thought to snap a pic of her bike before. Unfortunately the lighting was all wrong so I couldn’t get a good photo without running onto the road. Luckily she has some much better pictures on her website and even goes on to describe all the different decorations adorning her lovely bike. One thing I love is the frame covered in chunky silver glitter! And I always love flowers on baskets. The tarot cards in the spokes are a very appropriate touch considering the bike also doubles as advertising!

Love Coco xx