Murphy’s Law

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

all week (all month even) I have been looking forward to today’s ARTcycle as part of Art Month in Sydney. Art Month is “… a month-long festival that celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of Sydney’s thriving visual arts scene…” and ARTcycle is “… a free guided bicycle tour of art galleries, artist studios, public art and street art”. Considering art and cycling are two of my most favourite things this was my kind of event. Add in Surry Hills as location and Saskia from Sydney Cycle Chic as tour guide and I was chomping at the bit.

Unfortunately we awoke this morning to gloomy grey skies.
“It’ll clear up!” we thought as we tucked into a healthy and hearty breakfast designed to fuel our day of cycling. Of course it did no such thing and just as we stepped out the front door it started bucketing down. We scrambled back inside and pondered what to do. The weather report was no help- a few showers it said. So how were we to know if this was the last of it or not? Eventually we spent so long deciding what to do we were too late to meet the group at the starting place so we conceded to plant our butts on the lounge for the day.

Of course once we made this decision the rain stopped, the clouds parted, blue sky and sunshine bore down on our little house and taunted us. We looked at each other and grabbed our bikes. We had just enough time to ride to the first gallery and meet up with the tour there. It was a good thing really, the gallery was closer than the meeting place anyway. It was meant to be!

We headed out and had not even made it a block from home before the sun disappeared and ominous clouds took its place. We glanced at each other. The decision had been made- onward and artward!

We met with a few sprinkles as we rode over to Darlinghurst’s Liverpool Street Gallery but nothing too bad. We knew we were in the right place when we saw the bikes. Lots and lots of bikes.

We locked up and headed inside. The artist talk was great but over very quickly. While we were inside it started raining again. Hard. We decided we weren’t up for a day of riding around in the rain, so we waited for it to ease up a bit and then headed for our bikes. As soon as we reached them we realised Waz had a flat. Excellent.

We eventually made it home, wet and artless.

Bloody Murphy’s Law.

Love Coco xx