Blackie is Back, Alright! (oh dear.)

by tillieandcoco


Worst blog title yet? Anyway, hi Coco! After a long cold weather induced cycling hiatus, I’m finally back. Between cold weather February and my trip to America, this happened:

Spring has sprung

And, as we all know, Spring = Cycling!

I’ve proof-rided Blackie’s seat (way overdue, I think I’m meant to do that weekly) and pumped up her tyres (ow, my arms!) It took me a whole half hour to locate my lock and key. On the 9th of April I am going on the Tweed Run, which is 10 miles (plus getting to central London somehow) and if I don’t start fitness preparations urgently I will probably not make it to the tea break. I also definitely need to avoid sweaty face chic.

Today I took Blackie on the train for the first time. It was actually much easier than expected, but as Vauxhall has no step-free access I went to Waterloo and cycled to Pimlico from there to have lunch with Megan. It was a perfect day to be cycling – neither too hot or cold and not much traffic. After such a long absence I was slightly nervous about getting back in the saddle, but needn’t have worried. It was just like, well, riding a bike!

On the train, which is actually quite busy on Sundays, I found a bicycle space in the first carriage, which had very few people, unlike the carriages further down. The bike spaces are ‘flexible’, so there is a row of folding seats if there’s no bike or pram needing room. So, I got on the train with my enormous Pashley with mega wicker basket, and there was a guy sitting in the flexible space with his iPod on, playing with his phone, and instead of vacating the area for one of the many free non-flexible-space seats, he just sat there like a blob. As revenge, I took this surreptitious iPhone photo of him, and pixilated his face off, A Current Affair style. Haha.

Er… thanks very much iPod Dude, that’s cool, I’ll just stand here awkwardly with my giant bike and block the door.

After delicious crab salad and rose lunch with Megan, I found that some muppet had used my basket as a litter-bin. What part of a bicycle basket looks anything like a bin? The stupid thing was that there were real litter-bins available in the vicinity, but no, they had to disrespect my basket.


I should add that this is not an isolated incident! Last year I took this photo.

Double ugh!

This was particularly insulting as it happened at work. Oh, and it’s an empty coffee cup, which means I could have had nasty stale milk stains in my basket! What kind of world is this?
The train ride home from Waterloo was much better. I easily found a space, and another bicycle even turned up – a folding bike owned by a very considerate woman who is obviously a much more dedicated cyclist than me judging by her many panniers. She secured our bikes with the Velcro straps and then untied them before my stop so I could get off in time.

And, because it’s practically summer, the clocks have just changed. Hello, light evenings!