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The Simple Life

by Alacoque

Special thanks to Rhonda for featuring us on her Down To Earth blog. I’m a big fan after borrowing her book from my local library and am enjoying the wonderful community on the forum (and so proud my bread photo made the new banner!).

Cycling sums up living simply for me. By the very simple process of pumping my legs the wheels of my bike turn and take me where I want to go. My senses are engaged and I am blissfully aware of myself and my surroundings. It may take me a little longer to get where I’m going (compared to the car) but when travelling in this simple way I enjoy my journey as much as the destination.

Coco xx

The view from my bike before construction started at Barangaroo



Greenhouse by Joost

by tillieandcoco

Dear Tillie,

I have enjoyed the most wonderful day. It started off with a little bit of a sleep in, then a nice lazy breakfast bruschetta, followed by a ride along the waterfront to Greenhouse by Joost.

Greenhouse by Joost is a waste free pop-up restaurant. The building itself is made using the Productive Building system developed by Joost Bakker. Think reused shipping containers, chemical free, transportable and recyclable. All produce is delivered in returnable and reuseable containers. Wheat is milled on site (see photo below) for bread and pasta, and milk is churned for butter and cheese. Everything is organic and compostable (including the cutlery!) and the compost used on the rooftop herb garden.

I could go on and on but to put it succinctly it rocks and offered me a chance for guilt free indulgence. Check out their website here, but you’ll have to be quick as they’re only around til the end of March (though rumour has it they’ll be back later in the year with a permanent restaurant). It seemed only fitting I arrived by the greenest form of transport I know- my trusty bike Camilla.

I was rather bemused by this gate on the bike lane at Barangaroo
Approaching Greenhouse by Joost
Wall of strawberries!
My table
Looking to the right…
…and to the left
Wheat milling in action!
Morning tea
Pistachio and cherry macaroon. Divine.
Flat white
Rooftop parsley
Rooftop view of the Opera House
Rooftop view of my lonely bike Camilla
Shipping container art
Riding back under the Harbour Bridge
Graffitied car art in Walsh Bay
After my wonderful morning tea I rode back over to Darling Harbour and attended a talk by Tony Brown at the Australian National Maritime Museum regarding the new exhibition Tayenebe of Tasmanian Aboriginal women’s fibre work with my gorgeous sister. Then I rode home again. Bliss.
Love Coco xx